Universidad de Antofagasta

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The University of Antofagasta is one of the sixteen universities in the State UniversitiesConsortium of Chile, which belongs to the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. Its headquarters is located in Antofagasta, Chile.
The University of Antofagasta is listed as the 21st Chilean university according to the classification of the CSIC webometric in July 2011.3 and 13th place as ranked by TheMercurio.4
In the 2011 ranking of the QS World University Ranking5 was among the 200 best universities in Latin America.
The University traces its beginnings to Antofagasta 1918 under the formation of the firsteducational establishment of the area under the posts to meet needs of labor. This institution, called saltpeter Industrial School was the basis for the educational development of the IIRegion of Chile.

Over the years, the Industrial School of saltpeter became the School of Industrial and Miningsaltpeter, which eventually was renamed the School of Mines in Antofagasta.
In 1952 the School of Mines in Antofagasta became part of the State Technical University(UTE), through personal efforts and the Ministry of Education of Chile.
Parallel to this, the June 28, 1957, opened the University Centre North Zone, under theauspices of the University of Chile. On January 10, 1961 preliminary work began to build the campus. In 1962, renamed Antofagasta Regional College.

On October 3, 1968 approved the process of autonomy for the campuses of the University ofChile. Thus, the October 24, 1968 Regional Headquarters was established at the University ofChile by the University Reform.
Finally, under a decree law, March 20, 1981 definitive merger occurs Study Houses (State Technical University of Antofagasta and the Regional Headquarters of the University of Chile), giving rise to the current University of Antofagasta.
The university is headed by Senior Management (governed by the rector, the highest authority), in collaboration with the Board and the Academic Council. The current rector of the university isLuis Alberto Loyola.
The Board of Directors is the superior resolving collegial body of the university, which has the power conferred by the Constitution of the university (DFL 148 of 1981). The Academic Council is a consultative body of the rector, with certain specific attributes indicating theConstitution of the university.
Students are organized in the Federation of Students of the University of Antofagasta (FEUA).Inti is currently chaired by Alavi Moya.

The University of Antofagasta is approximately 73,354 m² distributed over built, divided into three branches. Academic and teaching activities are distributed between Colossus andClinical Area Campus, while Angamos Campus administrative activity is concentrated.
The University of Antofagasta has 7 faculties and 3 institutes. These are:

  • Faculty of Basic Sciences
  • Faculty of Law and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Education and Human Sciences
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • School of Marine Resources
  • Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry


  • Antofagasta Institute of Renewable Natural Resources (IARnR)
  • Oceonológicas Research Institute
  • Institute for Anthropological Research


  • Regional Center of Studies and Environmental Education (CREA)
  • Chemical Analysis Center

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