Universidad Arturo Prat

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The Universidad Arturo Prat is one of the sixteen Universities in the State UniversitiesConsortium of Chile, Which Belongs to the Council of Rectors of Chilean Universities. Isheadquartered in Iquique, Chile.
Arturo Prat University ranks as the 17th Chilean university webometric According To the classification of the CSIC, in July 2011.2 and 45 th place as ranked by The Mercurio.3

In the 2011 ranking of the QS World University Ranking4 WAS Among the 200 best Universities in Latin America.

The University Located in the Region of Tarapaca, Chile, is headquartered in the city of Iquique. Its history dates back to 1961, When a group of Professionals at the University of Chile, Including Jorge Ochoa, Joseph Steinberg, Leonel Lamagdeleine and Laura Müller, Association of Professional Group as Iquique, going efforts to make intensive Higher education bring to the city. On May 10, 1965, the University of Chile installs the University Center (a program of technical studies) under the Office for the Coordination of University Centers, founded in 1964 by the Rector of the University of Chile, Eugenio Gonzalez. His first 180 students enrollment HAD Who Were Placed in the current Iquique Polytechnic High School. Its first Director WAS Dagoberto Campos.

Since 1966, the center Moved to the Form Workers’ Insurance building at the intersection of Calle Serrano and Ramirez, becoming in 1968 the seat of the University of Chile, and the first races of Providing Prego (Education in Biology, Mathematics and Español). Its first Director WAS José Luis Rederman.

He Was Elected In 1970 the first Vice Chancellor of the center, Kirst William Harkness, WHO expanded Offerings with academic courses in Music Education and Early Childhood Education. At This Time (1972), a group of university land on the decision Makes a Playa Brava, south of the city due to poor Infrastructure of the center and no response from Local Authorities of the time. Were The first pavilions built in early 1973 (Currently only one left standing).

For the 1973 coup, and the breakdown of National Institutions, WAS appointed Vice President Max Urízar Valdivia. The Higher Education Reform Düring, Promoted by the military regime in 1981, the seat Become an entity under the name Autonomous Professional Institute of Iquique. On November 30, 1984 Becomes the Universidad Arturo Prat. He is Currently Accredited by two years (2008-2010).

The University colleges have  four campuses spread over five locations in central and Arica, Calama, Antofagasta, Santiago and Victoria. There are Some Universities in Puente Alto, Maipu, San Bernardo, Talca, Chillán, Concepción, Los Angeles, Angol, Temuco, Villarrica, Valdivia, Puerto Montt and Ancud.

There are Currently 15 academic units:

  • Department of Physical Sciences and Mathematics.
  • Department of Agriculture in the Desert and Biotechnology.
  • Department of Marine Sciences
  • Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences (former Department of Chemistry).
  • Engineering Department.
  • Department of Social Sciences.
  • Department of Audit and Information Systems.
  • Department of Economics and Management.
  • Department of Education and Humanities.
  • Department of Physical Education and Sports.
  • Technical Training Department
  • School of Nursing.
  • School of Law.
  • School of Architecture.
  • Department of Kinesiology.

Also, depends on a number They institutes and centers of:

  • Isluga Institute of Andean Studies (founded in 1997).
  • Institute of International Studies (created in 1998).
  • Multimedia Center for the Disabled (created in 1999).
  • College of Iquique (created in 2006).
  • Science and Technology Institutes (Puerto Montt and Concepción).
  • Centre for Educational Research
  • Mining Technology Center (Arica, Iquique, Calama and Antofagasta).
  • Research Centre of Man in the Wilderness.
  • Research Center for Environment.
  • Extension Center Astoreca Cultural Palace.
  • Modern School of Arts and Communications.

Currently, the Rector of the house of studies for the period 2008-2011 is Gustavo SotoBringas.

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